This YMCA is a five-star hotel, my Jimmy. It’s the sort of establishment planners should design, and politicians plan for the benefit of the fast-growing elderly population in every area. The only problem is that politicians use the services of places like this for their elderly folks. They do not need to show interest in a Social Security programme that may help those less fortunate.

Take a trip to the Leaning Tower YMCA Hotel. You will see what I mean. Not only the elderly but from mothers with babies to ninety-year-olds. The best possible hi-tech machines, outings, swimming pools, you name it—it’s here. I could not even imagine anything like the things they have in this place.

The UK system would need to be vastly improved to provide this level of accommodation for its retirees. No Family Allowance for all anymore, only for the needy. National Insurance contributions paid in proportion to how much each person earns. People earning the highest salaries pay considerably more. Everyone should pay the same percentage of their earnings, and companies should allocate say 5-10% of profits to the Social Security Fund.

Niles Leaning Tower YMCA

The Leaning Tower YMCA, Niles.

Remember, this will be a substantial fund to manage. Only dedicated people should be given the job to administer it. This vast sum of money is for the elderly of the future and must never be squandered by idiots masquerading as investment managers. Now, why should anyone of any party not want to see that kind of provision for their parents? Or indeed for themselves when they reach retirement age?

This YMCA has chiropodists, opticians, dieticians, etcetera, visiting. Even martial arts experts come to teach people how to defend themselves. The children are well catered for, too. They have swimming and gymnastics, do massage, learn First Aid, and even get their dogs properly trained. Most of it, subsidised by the State, following the aims and objectives of the people who started the YMCA.

I spoke to some girl staying upstairs. She said, “There’s a difference between the YMCA in the Inner Cities and those in the suburbs.” Hence the five-star accommodation here. I don’t know how I managed to get a room, but several attempts have already been made to prevent me from using the hi-tech facilities. Of course, as you know, that would be a bit of a “tall order” for them.

One type of person monopolises everything. They resent any “outsider” who even appears to want to take advantage of these goodies. I saw the aims of the YMCA today. I intend to copy it to post around the place. It makes interesting reading. All I know is that it was opened for the benefit of the “Christian and godly needy of the community.” When Toby recommended it to me, she said, her friend stayed there. But her friend is wealthy, and her husband is a well-paid doctor. Somehow, I do not think the founders were thinking of such people.

You must be mad with me. I lost my temper – quite calmly – on the train, but you can blame yourself for that.

PS: Went to Golf Mill Shopping Centre by bus like the ones in Florida, but went the circular route. It was through some of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Illinois.

I have been thinking about London a lot lately. The good old Irish tramps who used to look out for me. One, in particular, wanted to tell me that my house door didn’t shut properly. He fell against it, and it flew open. From then on, I would put both night latch on and turn the key in the door as soon as I got inside.

By the way, I notice that all the doors on this floor have a spy hole except mine. I wonder why that is? Shall write a longer letter next time as I have discovered a church of my faith around the corner. I will go there tomorrow. Early to bed, early to rise.

Take care of yourself the way you took care of me over there.

All the best—God bless,
As ever.

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