How are you on this awful day, dear Jimmy? At least it is an awful day in Illinois. Did you get the chance to do something for Ronda? Ronda has the same surname as this Graham lawyer at Hepburn’s. I have always wondered if Ronda is Jewish. The lawyer is.

Many Jewish people are marrying outside the faith nowadays. Toby’s daughter-in-law is a good Catholic (Irish) girl. Her son was circumcised although she could not bear to watch. She called it barbaric. I could not look. I was almost crying for it to stop, but old customs die-hard.

I am quite looking forward to the wedding on Saturday. As you know, the wedding is my primary reason for getting here so early. My friends are very proud that their daughter is marrying a Jewish American man. I have met him. And as I said before, he is just my “right” height, 6’2”. I can literally look up to him. As someone once said, all good things must end, and this is the last letter from America you will see at least for the time being. Once I used to have one of the best newspapers in the UK delivered to my home, and in it, I think, every Monday there was a column entitled “Letter from America.” I read it avidly.

I stopped buying the paper in 1975. It printed a letter to the editor about the Indians arriving in Britain from Uganda. Whatever happened in Africa between the Africans and the Indians (who were actually the African’s guest) was a direct result of the policies of the colonial power (Britain). They preferred the look of the Indians and therefore put them in charge of the Africans in their own country. So the Africans were always in the most unenviable position possible. That created enmity between the two races.

Ugandan Asians arrive at Stansted airport in 1972

Ugandan Asians arrive at Stansted airport in 1972 © Rex Features

When the British left, the Indians saw themselves as natural successors. They were on top, so they exploited the Africans; got rich on the proceeds, and then along came Idi Amin, and although not very clever, he decided to do something about it. He did not kill them. He just told them to leave. They had lots of money, and so Britain welcomed them.

Unfortunately, they also had many dependents, too, who were very visible. The media could not help but see the masses of relatives. So, the person who wrote the newspaper article pointed out that Britain did not wait to give a home to the whites in what was then Rhodesia, but if the whites had the face of an Indian and spoke funny like the Indians, they would be welcomed. For good measure, they added a picture of an Indian man in a Gandi-style outfit looking bedraggled with a caption to match. That was the last “Telegraph” I ordered from the newsagents. I figured more or less that no editor should have printed that letter. It was offensive. Furthermore, if they didn’t like the Indians, they certainly didn’t like us Caribbean people either.

It is ironic that most of the Indians who came over are newsagents and sub-postmasters these days. They provide a most valued service to the British people, and if it were not for their little corner shops, some poor old folks in England would starve. They cornered the market so to speak.

You see, when a country is governed by its media, whether TV, radio and/or its newspapers, it is ninety percent down the road to ruin. There too lies a lesson for this here United States of America.

Over and out, Jimmy.
As ever and always.

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