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600 W Touhy Ave

The YMCA Aims & Objections

My dear Jimmy, I have a moment at 2:45 pm and I am writing before my programme starts. Just came back from lunch. Had so much meat, the restaurant must have killed a whole lamb and a calf, too. Ate as much as I could and brought back some for the DOG. Now, who or what is that?

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public library membership

My Public Library Card

I know I say I always keep my promise, but some promises are meant to be broken. You know only you will listen to my “sounding offs” and not get bored, so here goes.

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man on trotter at gym

Trotter Off, Wait Your Turn

How are you, my dear Jimmy? Wish you were here! America at this moment is the place to be. It is the most wonderful thing that the day after the Arabs and Israelis choose to “bury their differences,” four American presidents past and present decide to sign a Trade Agreement with their other American neighbours. Isn’t that wonderful? What could be more befitting?

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Holy Communion at Belden Baptist Church

Belden Baptist Church

I had a letter from the Pastor of the Belden Regular Baptist Church today. He wrote at length offering the hand of friendship and praising the high objectives of his church and the laudable things they do for all. He mentioned last Sunday’s worship and expressed the hope that I was uplifted. Well, it was patently obvious that I was not uplifted and I made no secret of it.

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