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Saint Mary: East Indians Preparing Rice in Jamaica

Saint Mary on My Mind

On first December 1934 in Saint Mary, Jamaica, Keliah Hall-Williamson had her last child. The day was a Saturday, and “Kizzie” was a widow. Her husband having died three years before, Kizzie was then a single mother with five hungry mouths to feed. Life had suddenly become dramatically more difficult for Mrs Williamson. She was only thirty-six and had been thirty-two when her young husband died, leaving her with a large house in the parish of Saint Mary and East Indian servants she could no longer afford.

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Hackney early 1960s

Mama Said There Would be Days like These

One person can make a difference, Mama said. That’s what my stepmother Anne-Amanda Bennett did every day of her life. She died alone in an Almshouse because I was too poor to find the cash for my kids, a home, and her out there in Jamaica. I cry whenever I think of her, but she left me such a legacy that I will end this chapter of my life with the best and most enduring memory I have of her.

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