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deerstalker interracial relationship

The Deerstalker

I never dreamt I had a sexual relationship with anyone in 1966. The Deerstalker Story was a lie Alice told to get Tom and me to fight. What I said to her is “I dreamt that a white man washed my feet.” Out of sheer blasted spite, Alice turned and twisted things to suit her means. I didn’t even know at the time that she and my husband were carrying on.

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The Marriage of Verona to Tom

Marriage Is A Human Right

It has always been my ill-luck that not many people have been there for me when I needed someone. Maybe it’s because I am the sort of person who does not ask favours. Nor do I even look as if I might need a helping hand. My husband left me alone in England, after a decade of marriage. He went back home to Jamaica, taking our three-year-old son with him, alongside his mistress. The same woman I used to call my best friend.

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