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Bank of America

Bank Woes in Niles, USA

I am a bit late this morning. I seem to have overslept but after all, what the hell. It is Saturday, and you know how worried I was that I would not get the money from my bank in the UK in time to pay for my room for another month; I just made it.

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Bully Boss

Bully Boss Tactics

There have been few reasons for me to think about my “Bully Boss” in recent years, but the Jeffrey Express bus had the sort of heating on yesterday that I first experienced at Swimer House in 1986. I have suffered it several times since, too, including in this very hotel room.

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My Son is The BIG 3-0 Today

Does it seem as if I always only turn to you in times of need, my dearest Jimmy? I must appear to you like some Christians who only ever turn to prayer when they need the Lord’s grace. Do forgive me, sweetheart. I know that only you truly understand me, and you must know by now that my overactive mind always welcomes your ear.

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Clinton Health Plan and the Niles Regular Bus Service

Clinton, Health Care & The Niles Regular Bus

What’s up, Jimmy? Excellent question after last night. Once again, I found myself sitting as a witness on another momentous occasion. The night President Clinton initiated his National Health Care Plan.

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