What’s happening at your end, Jimmy? It’s been quite a while. Mine is a bit uncertain at the moment. Paul phoned to tell me he had spoken to Barclays. He has made arrangements to send me a further (new amount) to arrive here at a specific time this morning. I telephoned Federal Express, and a young lady gave me the information I need, so we’ll see.

Incidentally, I saw Senator Kennedy on TV the other day. He seemed rather plump for a Kennedy. I thought of the young people in Guy’s Hospital who had put on so much weight in less than a year that they were often unrecognisable. Jacqui herself took approximately three weeks to put on over two stones. She could not go to the airport with me because not only was she afraid to show herself in public, but my daughter could find nothing to wear although she has numerous outfits.

Guy's Hospital Black Mental Health Patients

Black patients at Guy’s Hospital are fed powerful and addictive pills.

There was one African girl in Guy’s Hospital, in particular, she was quite wealthy. She was well-dressed in the most expensive Wax Hollandais fabric, but she was enormous. When she opened her mouth, it was an intelligent highly educated voice that leapt out, and she was trilingual and multitalented. She said she just got fat off the medication in Guy’s Hospital and nothing she could do would change that situation. She had tried everything. Then she said something that stopped me in my track and made me think. She said, “when you are fat people tend to think you are stupid and treat you accordingly.” I told her that when you are black and fat, you have double the problem.

Many of the young black people in Guy’s Hospital were well-educated individuals. They were there taking powerful drugs regularly, and most of these so-called medicines were very addictive. Anyone can lose weight by regulating their diet. So if people stop eating, literally, but continue to expand, there must be something wrong. For young people in this day and age where the role models are model-girl slim, it is no wonder they end up in the mental wing of Guy’s Hospital to take more pills that turn them into zombies.

If I were not smart, I would be twenty stones today and mad, too. However, as I told the doctors when they asked me to take pills, if I am ill, I take pills to make me well. But I will be damned if I am going to take a tablet that makes me punch drunk, lose my memory and my bearings, and what’s worst, causes me put on weight. I survive because I can wear the same clothes for years when I have no money to buy new ones. Once out of their clutches, I took none of their pills, and they could not force me. I am the best judge of what is good for my body.

Guy's Hospital Black Mental Health Patients

Intelligent highly educated individuals turn into fat mindless zombies.

That’s me sounding off again, Jim, old boy. By now, you must have nodded off the way I used to do when I was in Guy’s Hospital. As soon as I started to write, the pen would slip from my fingers, and I’d be fast asleep in a second. Sorry, Jim, I wouldn’t wish that on my enemy, let alone on someone as dear to me as your honourable, ‘orrible.

See you in dreamland.
Yours as ever.

PS: You see what one look at a Kennedy can do to me. You better shape up. Young JFK is not too bad. He is free and disengaged, and I am irresistible, as I keep telling you.

Just the right age too, but he seemed to have had a “nose job.” His cosmetic surgery has given him a more prominent hooter. He looks more Greek than Irish now. Still, the little Onassis girl is blonde. So, young JFK has a ready-made blonde wife. Let us hope he marries her and keeps it in the family.

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