What’s up, Jimmy? Excellent question after last night. Once again, I found myself sitting as a witness on another momentous occasion. The night President Clinton initiated his National Health Care Plan.

The President spoke with great feeling on a subject that should be important to every American. And although some people found fault with the length of time Mister Clinton spoke (52 minutes to be exact), I, for one, think that to appeal to the diehards on both sides of the house, he needed to say all that he said and more.

I am pleased he did not at this stage mention any specific figures. One reporter claimed that President Clinton said, Employers would have to pay 80% of the cost of insurance for each person. Now, I can clearly state that even if he intends to do this, which would be a complete disaster, that is not what he said.

I well remember when President Bush made a slip that cost him the presidency last year. He may not have been the most flamboyant president, but from what President Clinton is doing to carry out some of his policies, I believe he would have been a better president than his predecessor from the American people’s point of view. When Mr Bush spoke to Yeltsin that fateful day about the reduction in the nuclear arsenal, he was playing the numbers game, and through no fault of his own, he became a statistic.

Clinton Health Care Reform Speech

Clinton Health Care Reform Speech

Yesterday, I went to the mall. The policy of the free bus service is to change drivers in mid-route for some reason. However, the same driver who told me I needed the REVERSE bus when I told him off came down driving the REGULAR bus, and I got on it. He was afraid to say anything to me. So he went and spoke to a woman who got on the bus at the stop before the mall. She had been waiting with me on the way back, and we talked a bit about my umbrella and the weather.

I was a bit surprised, however, when she stood on the steps of the bus and told me that if I wanted to get home, I was on the wrong bus. I asked her how she knew where I was going. She said, “I’m just guessing.” And since she only lived across the road from the mall, I thanked her but explained that I had been here for some three weeks and I am familiar with the operations of the service.

You see, Jimmy, the Regular leaves the Mall to drive around and pick up people as far as Jewels and then goes back to the Mall to pick up from there and enters into all sorts of nooks and crannies as I mentioned the first week. It is a glorified taxi service paid for by the taxpayers. And I can only suppose that because of the colour of my skin, I’m not expected to use this service, even if this same bus takes me to my destination and I don’t mind the slightly longer more leisurely ride home.

Now if the bus follows the main route or even runs on the most convenient side roads and people leave their drives to stand at some convenient corners all over America millions of dollars could be saved for the social security fund. In one area alone, the public library is a building of the most prestigious of its kind which offers amazing facilities to its children and adults. Children are even encouraged to throw away their old typewriters to take advantage of the most hi-tech word processors available. In 0other areas, children of the poor and needy have no access at all to libraries let alone comparable educational tools.

If they built fewer recreation centres and encouraged more walking by putting pavements where they ought to be and make less opulent public libraries, which are not really available to the public but are a place where rich people of like minds can meet outside their homes. If they build fewer golf courses, they will find money to do the things that ordinary Americans (who give their lifeblood for their country) are involved in.

How many bus drivers, dustmen or women, restaurant workers, maids and so on play golf or can afford to find time to read a book let alone use a word processor?

Bye Jimmy,
Love you lots (for what it’s worth). As always.

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