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Air hostesses on British West Indian Airways, Trinidad and Tobago, 1955.

After the Wedding

To this day, I’ll never understand why Tom sent for me. The wedding was planned to the tiniest detail long before I ever arrived in England. The fares had already been paid months in advance for me to travel by Royal Mail Lines, but since I had no wish to leave from Jamaica to England by sea, I paid the difference myself and flew with British West Indian Airways (BWIA). If I had boarded that ship, I might have had more time to reconsider my choices in life.

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Bus on Westminster Bridge by Yannick Yanoff

Love in a Cold Place

He never said it was love. It may have been the name Veronica Pettigrew—a Catholic—that clinched it. Most Jamaican Pettigrews are Roman Catholics, and my husband’s sister Veronica Pettigrew-East (mother of Ermin Goode, Teresa East-Headley and Howard East) died in the Kendal Train Crash on September 1st, 1957, together with her husband, two brothers-in-law, and the beautiful daughter of Mrs Clark. Only the presence of the good Lord saved Mrs Clark’s only son, Earl, who had bawled so hard and refused to board the train that they eventually left him indoors.

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Hackney early 1960s

Mama Said There Would be Days like These

One person can make a difference, Mama said. That’s what my stepmother Anne-Amanda Bennett did every day of her life. She died alone in an Almshouse because I was too poor to find the cash for my kids, a home, and her out there in Jamaica. I cry whenever I think of her, but she left me such a legacy that I will end this chapter of my life with the best and most enduring memory I have of her.

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deerstalker interracial relationship

The Deerstalker

I never dreamt I had a sexual relationship with anyone in 1966. The Deerstalker Story was a lie Alice told to get Tom and me to fight. What I said to her is “I dreamt that a white man washed my feet.” Out of sheer blasted spite, Alice turned and twisted things to suit her means. I didn’t even know at the time that she and my husband were carrying on.

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