Month: October 2017

The Shadow Government - The Powers That Be

The Powers That Be

Sunday worship was very interesting. One of the new trendy churches. No Blacks, but quite a few Asians—of the Chinese variety. Lovely woman, I can’t remember her name, but her husband’s name is Luciano. How could I possibly forget that? His namesake is one of my favourite singers! Anyway, they were especially kind to me and gave me a lift home. I would have prefered to walk, but they do not seem to cater for pedestrians in this area, and it could be a bit dangerous walking on the road, especially for someone of my hue. So I was grateful to them for the ride.

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My Daughter left home at sixteen

My Daughter Left Home at Sixteen

My daughter left home at sixteen. She dressed for college the morning. I watched her go. Then when I returned home, she had moved out. I was devastated. But I decided that I was not going to look for her. That was a mistake, but that’s another story.

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YMCA CHICAGO, Illinois, Interior Main-Lobby (1939)


This YMCA is a five-star hotel, my Jimmy. It’s the sort of establishment planners should design, and politicians plan for the benefit of the fast-growing elderly population in every area. The only problem is that politicians use the services of places like this for their elderly folks. They do not need to show interest in a Social Security programme that may help those less fortunate.

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kosher it ain't

Kosher It Ain’t

My Dear Jimmy, there’s something not quite Kosher here. It’s a mirror image of Jacqui and myself some years ago. How Jacqui could not stand me. How I could not stay in the flat when she was around. She was prepared to let me live on the streets rather than have me in her place with her. The utter disruption when we were together.

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