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man on trotter at gym

Trotter Off, Wait Your Turn

How are you, my dear Jimmy? Wish you were here! America at this moment is the place to be. It is the most wonderful thing that the day after the Arabs and Israelis choose to “bury their differences,” four American presidents past and present decide to sign a Trade Agreement with their other American neighbours. Isn’t that wonderful? What could be more befitting?

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lonely blues from my window

Lonely Blues

Yo Jimmy! I am so lonely here. But how are you, Sweetheart? How are the birds around the hall? Hope you are keeping well out of their way. I hear you are now wearing a ponytail and that could be quite dangerous if they decide to leave their calling cards. Remember, I am not there to help you to sort out the sordid details. You know how confused you can get because you lost your glass eye. It is £500 to have it replaced, I’m told. I can’t say I blame you for being scared to visit the opticians. I heard about a chap who went in for an eye test and came out quite sightless. One cannot be too careful these days, can one?

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Holy Communion at Belden Baptist Church

Belden Baptist Church

I had a letter from the Pastor of the Belden Regular Baptist Church today. He wrote at length offering the hand of friendship and praising the high objectives of his church and the laudable things they do for all. He mentioned last Sunday’s worship and expressed the hope that I was uplifted. Well, it was patently obvious that I was not uplifted and I made no secret of it.

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The Shadow Government - The Powers That Be

The Powers That Be

Sunday worship was very interesting. One of the new trendy churches. No Blacks, but quite a few Asians—of the Chinese variety. Lovely woman, I can’t remember her name, but her husband’s name is Luciano. How could I possibly forget that? His namesake is one of my favourite singers! Anyway, they were especially kind to me and gave me a lift home. I would have prefered to walk, but they do not seem to cater for pedestrians in this area, and it could be a bit dangerous walking on the road, especially for someone of my hue. So I was grateful to them for the ride.

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