white child afraid of the dark

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Hi Jimmy, how’s Toad Hall on this fine day? It’s fine here. I woke up thinking of Nat King Cole today and singing, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark. So many people around here are afraid of the dark. I want to go out to buy some English papers (and don’t bother me about paragraphs).

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Hope Lives Eternal: Couple sunsets park love bench silhouette tree twilight

Hope, et cetera

Hi Toady, how are you, sweetheart? Fine, I pray. I hope you are missing me the way I miss you. You old so and so.

I watched CH38 yesterday, all religious happenings – smile. Still, the things about Israel made even Toby sit up for a bit to watch and listen. Heard they have found oil on its borders. Wouldn’t that be just what the doctor ordered? A real Godsend. Hope the “find” is a good one, the very best ever. Such oil wealth is needed in those parts.

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crazy old fool looking out a window

No Fool Like An Old Fool

My Dearest Jimmy, I have arrived safely. The flight was uneventful. Apart from a pleasant conversation with a sweet elderly woman who asked me to exchange with her my 32G aisle seat for her 32H aisle nothing very much happened. She wanted to sit next to her family. Seeing that the family included a granddaughter of about seven or eight years old like my Kayley, I gladly moved over to “H” and found a magazine with a mine of information on the merits of certain cities with all the best places to see, and be seen. It would be wonderful if this old fool were able to visit those places with you!

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Air hostesses on British West Indian Airways, Trinidad and Tobago, 1955.

After the Wedding

To this day, I’ll never understand why Tom sent for me. The wedding was planned to the tiniest detail long before I ever arrived in England. The fares had already been paid months in advance for me to travel by Royal Mail Lines, but since I had no wish to leave from Jamaica to England by sea, I paid the difference myself and flew with British West Indian Airways (BWIA). If I had boarded that ship, I might have had more time to reconsider my choices in life.

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